Shiloh Military Trails Inc.  Awards Order Form

You must read extra reading materials and enclose all credential cards with your order request.  See note at bottom.
Hike Trail Awards Cost Quantity Total
Indian Mounds Trek Patch 3.00    
Hat Pin 1.75    
Battlefield Trek Patch 3.00    
Hat Pin 1.75    
1 SMT Medal 6.50     
Patch 3.00    
Hat Pin 1.75    
2 Artillery Hike Patch 3.00    
Artillery Hike Hat Pin 1.75    
3 Patch 3.00    
Hat Pin 1.75     
4 Compass Patch 3.00     
Compass Hat Pin 1.75     
5 Patch 3.00     
Hat Pin 1.75     
6 Patch          TEMPORARILY CLOSED 3.00     
Hat Pin       TEMPORARILY CLOSED  1.75     
7 S. E. T Patch 3.00     
S. E. T. Hat Pin 1.75     
  # 1 Repeat Pin        (White) 1.75     
Other Repeat Pin   (Blue) 1.75     
Shiloh Veteran Hiker Award S. V. H. A. Pin 1.75    
S. V. H. A. Patch 3.50    
S. V. H. A. Certificate 4.00    
Mailing cost for ALL Certificates per order 4.00    
  Postage - on all Awards Orders 6.00   6.00
  Mail order form and check to
Shiloh Military Trails Inc.
P. O. Box 17507
Memphis, TN 38187-0507
Awards will be shipped when check and credential cards have been received by the Trail Committee.

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