Shiloh Military Park

Shiloh National Military Park is a National Shrine dedicated to the men of BOTH armies, Confederate and Union.  It is maintained for the benefit of all by the Federal Government.  Please leave trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, animals, signs, cannons, and park structures undisturbed and unmarked for others to enjoy.  Fires and firearms are  prohibited.
The Superintendent and his staff are there to help you enjoy your visit.  They have given much assistance and have been most interested and cooperative in making these trails possible.   

Interesting Facts About Shiloh Monuments

Numerous smaller monuments are located through out the park including about 40 for Illinois, 22 for Indiana, 12 for Iowa and 34 for Ohio.  They are scattered though fields and woods.  
There are 210 cannons located though out the park.  Nineteen different states were represented at the Battle of Shiloh.  Of these, fifteen states have erected monuments of the battlefield in memory of their sons who fought and died at Shiloh.  

Interesting Facts About Shiloh Personalities

Two Union Generals who were at Shiloh were later elected Presidents of the United States.
Another Union General who fought at Shiloh was Lee Wallace, author of the book "Ben Hur".
Stanley, the African explorer who found Dr. Livingston, fought as a Confederate soldier at Shiloh.
The Union Surgeon General, DR. B.J.D. Irwin who had the battlefield tent hospital erected at Shiloh was the first man to be recommended for the Congressional Medal Of Honor.
Confederate General Breckenridge served as Vice President in 1860.
General A.S. Johnston, killed at Shiloh, is the only full general in the history of this nation to be killed in battle.  
West Point graduates who fought at Shiloh:
Union Grant
Confederate       Johnston
Confederate General Polk was an Episcopal Bishop.
General Sherman was formerly President of L.S.U.
The name of the Post Office in Shiloh National Military Park was changed on August 1, 1961  from Pittsburg Landing to Shiloh, Tennessee.  The United States Post Office Department issued a Civil War Centennial Commemorative stamp here on April 7, 1962 in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle Of Shiloh.