This is a two mile long educational hike through some of the most interesting area of Shiloh National Military Park.  This short, easy, and informative hike is designed especially for Cub Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, and other young hikers not old enough to be eligible for the much longer Shiloh Military Trails (which is 14 miles longer and is for hikers at least 11 years old).  The Shiloh Battlefield Trek is designed to introduce young hikers, their parents, and group leaders to the historic battlefield of Shiloh and show them where some of the most fierce fighting occurred.  Included on the route are such famous Shiloh landmarks as the Hornets Nest, Sunken road, War Cabin, Peach Orchard and Ruggles' Batteries.
A leader of a group desiring to hike the Shiloh Battlefield Trek should write to the Shiloh Military Trail Committee several weeks in advance of the proposed hiking date and request a map for his group.  The hiking information and credential cards can be printed from the web site.  Please order enough maps so each leader may have one.  You will need to print the credential card and copy this so that each hiking participant has one to complete.
Use Part A of Unit Application to hike Shiloh Battlefield Trek to order maps and other printed materials.  
A.  First, go to the Park Visitor Center.  See the movie (shown daily every 45 minutes).  Visit the Museum and look up some answers to questions asked (record answers on your credential card).  
B.  Start the self guided auto battlefield tour - use park brochure for map.  When you reach Hornets Nest Road (just past U.D.C. Confederate Monument ) turn left and proceed to the center of the Hornets Nest and park your car there.  
C.  No take the Shiloh Battlefield Trek.  This is a figure eight shaped route and you will finish back where you began after hiking approximately 2 miles.  
D.  Then complete the balance of self guided auto tour of the battlefield.  This is not required, but your group may like to take other short hikes at other stopping points - as from - Shiloh Church to the Tennessee Monument - the Indian Mounds Trek - and possibly others.
A nice picnic area is available in Sowell Field - located on the west side of Highway #22  about one miles south of the main entrance to the Park.  
NO WATER is available along the auto tour or trek route  (except at Visitor Center) so canteens may be desirable in hot weather.  Two restaurants (The Back Porch and the Shiloh Battlefield Cafe) are located near the intersection of Tennessee Highway @22 and @142 neat the southwest corner of the park.   Souvenirs are available at Ed Shaw's Shop.
1.  Read (or listen attentively to it being read) the story which accompanies the hike directions.  It is recommended that this be read aloud by a leader to a hiking group before, then again as the hike is made.
2.  Take the self guided automobile tour of the battlefield as per the National Parks Service map and brochure given out in the Visitor Center.
3.  Take the entire hike exactly as specified.
4.  Each hiker fills out his own Credential Card as he make the hikes.  Each is to write answers to questions asked on the Trek Instruction Sheet.  
5.  Visit the Shiloh National Military Park Visitor Center and Museum and while these see the movie "Shiloh - Portrait Of A Battle".
6.  Abide by all rules of the Shiloh Military Trail Committee and the National Parks Service at Shiloh National Military Park.  
A.  All hikers must be under the supervision of a responsible adult leader at all times while in Shiloh National Military Park.  Scout groups sho7uld wear uniforms.
B.  Hike Safely, be especially careful when hiking along or crossing roads.
C.  Do not leave any litter along the way.  Be a good example for other park visitors.  It is recommended that hikers do a good turn by picking up any litter observed on the route and placing it in trash cans located through out the Park.  
D.  Be courteous, orderly, and most cooperative when visiting indoor areas such as the Visitors Center, Ed Shaw's Restaurants, the Park Book Store, ETC.
An Attractive Shiloh Battlefield Trek patch, (attached below) about 3 1/2 inches diameter and fully embroider in for colors, is available.  Also a small blue and gold lapel pin (about 1/2" diameter) or similar charm bracelet pendant is available. 
Purchase of any trek awards is optional.