Shiloh Indian Mounds Trek is three miles long. It begins and ends at the parking area on Hamburg - Savannah Road, in front of Bloody Pond. For this hike casual low heel shoes are recommended. The route of the trail is easy to follow.
     Instructions to Group Leaders:
     The text is designed so you may participate on an equal level with the boys and girls in your group. Review it to yourself before reading it aloud to your group. This may increase your imagination and emphasis that will help the group to better appreciate the trail.
     Museum Visit:
When you visit the Park Visitor Center (before taking the hike) be sure to do the following:
Hike leader check in at the information desk.
Each leader should obtain a park brochure showing the self-guiding automobile tour.
Each hiker should answer the questions in the hiking instructions and record the answer on their credentials card. You will find the answer to the first two questions while in the Visitor Center.