One hundred years ago on of the bloodiest battles in history occurred at a site that today is one of the most peaceful scenes on the American landscape.  This place is called SHILOH a Biblical name meaning "PLACE OF PEACE".
Shiloh National Military Park is located at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River.  This 3500 acre historical park is 22 miles north of Corinth Mississippi and about 100 miles east of Memphis Tennessee.  Here the first major battle of the western campaigns of the War Between the States took place.  This two day battle rates as one of the hardest fought and costliest battles in history.  Both sided can be prod of the courage displayed by their young inexperienced troops.  For many this was their first big battle.  The outcome of this battle was important to both sides in the following course of the war.  Today this historic battlefield is a shrine to out forefathers who bravely fought and died there for principles they believed right.  The field is well marked with monuments, markers, cannons, and plaques so the visitor can follow the action which took place.


The Shiloh Military Trail is planned for hikers, especially youth groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, to learn about the history of our nation and at the same time to enjoy an interesting outdoor hiking experience.  This educational historic hiking trail program was started in 1960.  


1.  Read the booklet "Shiloh" by Albert Dillahunty.  This book may be ordered from the Shiloh Military Trails Inc. (SMT) Committee by mail.  
2.  Viewing the thirty minute color movie at the Park Museum showing the reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh.  
3.  Taking the completed designated hike, approximately 14 miles, through the battlefield visiting all the indicated monuments and markers.  
4.  Filling out the correct answers on the credential card for the questions about the special points of interest while observing them.
5.  Minimum age for SMT #1 hike and other hikes is 11 years old except for the two TREKS.  


It is recommended that units hike the trail in patrol size groups of 5 top 10 hikers.  Each group will then need: 
trail map and routing instruction sheet
Credential card to record answers
The trail must be hiked during daylight hours.  No hiking is permitted after dark.  The National Cemetery is closed to visitors at sundown.