You are to follow the same general route of the Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 1. The following instructions and questions must be read and properly answered. You will be referred to the Cannon Identification Chart (abbreviated C.I.C.) Learn to identify the different types of cannons by practicing from memory before referring to the chart.

The SHILOH ARTILLERY HIKE starts near the southwest corner of Shiloh National Military Park (by Peach Orchard Restaurant - this located at the intersection of Tenn. Highways No. 22 and No. 142). See your map - proceed by hiking northeast along the trace of a road (was part of Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road - this part not closed to auto-traffic) Turn right (east) on to Reconnoitering Road. At Peabody Road, turn right (southeast) and proceed to Eastern Corinth Road. Turn right (south) and as you approach the Gladden Mortuary Monument (No.5)(on your left) you will see two guns (on your right) beside a blue plaque telling of Munch's Minnesota Battery engaged here Sunday morning April 6, 1862. Note that the barrels of these guns are similar shaped but one has a smooth bore and the second has rifled bore. Using your C.I.C. you can identify them as being a 6 PDR. (smooth bore) and a 6 PDR. Rifle (rifled bore). FROM THIS POSITION WHERE DID MUNCH'S BATTERY MOVE?

Go north on Eastern Corinth Road following the Trail until you come to two guns (one on each side of the road) for Robertson's Alabama Battery. Your C.I.C. shows that one is a 6 PDR. Rifle and the other is a 12 PDR Howitzer. WHEN WAS ROBERTSON'S BATTERY IN ACTION HERE?

3A. DO NOT GO to Gen. Prentiss' Hdqs., but continue on Eastern Corinth Road to the intersection with Hamburg - Purdy Road. Turn right and observe the two guns on the southeast corner beside a yellow plaque (oval) for Terrill's Battery. These guns are Blakely's and they were made in England for Confederate States. WHAT BATTERY DID TERRILL COMMAND?


4A. Continue east on Hamburg - Purdy Road for short distance. On the left across from the Louisiana Monument  you will see three guns. WHEN WASHINGTON'S BATTERY WAS DISABLED AND RETIRED FROM THE BATTLE THE SECOND DAY (Note red oval plaque) WHAT DID THEY LOSE? 4B.  One of these two guns is a Blakely. WHAT TYPE IS IT? 5.  The next two guns you approach on the left will be alongside the Tennessee McClung's Battery Plaque.  Both are the same type gun.  WHAT KIND ARE THEY? Observe other guns you will hike by along here. 6.  South of the intersection with Hamburg - Savannah Road you will see two guns for Mann's Missouri Battery. Both of these are 14 PDR. James. FROM THIS POSITION WHERE DID THEY MOVE? 7.  A very short distance down the road towards Hamburg (near the Tent Hospital Site No. 7) you will see two guns beside a red plaque. This was the only battery from Georgia engaged in the Battle of Shiloh. WHO COMMANDED THIS GEORGIA BATTERY? 8.  Just past the Johnston Mortuary Monument you will see two guns on the right (east) beside and Illinois Unit Monument, Chicago 1st Light Artillery, Battery A. One of these pieces was actually used at Shiloh. This information was engraved on the back of the barrel by Union Artillerymen. WHERE DID THIS GUN SEE ACTION JUST BEFORE AND JUST AFTER THE BATTLE OF SHILOH? 9.  Just north of Bloody Pond and south of the U.S. Artillery Monument are two guns beside Willard's Illinois Battery plaque. One of these guns is and unusual one known as a James 6 PDR. Smoothbore (from outer appearance I t appears to be a James 14 PDR.). WHAT TYPE GUN IS THE OTHER ONE LOCATED HERE? (Use your C.I.C.) 10.  Just north of Bloody Pond  there is a monument erected to U.S. Army Artillery units at Shiloh.  WHO WAS THE CAPTAIN IN COMMAND OF THE 4TH U.S. ARTILLERY? 11.  On the south edge of Wicker Field you will see several cannons (west of the road). The only battery from Michigan (at Shiloh) saw action here before being captured later in the day. WHO COMMANDED THIS MICHIGAN BATTERY? 12.  Hike to the northwest corner of Wicker Field and locate Battery F Illinois Light Artillery. WHO WAS THE CAPTAIN IN COMMAND OF THIS BATTERY? 13.  On the Alabama State Monument you will find information about batteries from Alabama. NAME THE THREE CAPTAINS WHO COMMANDED THE THREE ALABAMA BATTERIES? 14.  Hike past the Alabama Monument and turn east on Riverside Drive. You will see several cannons between you and Gen. Hurlbut's Hdqs. Blue Plaques nearby tell about two Missouri Batteries engaged here the first day of the Battle. WHO COMMANDED THESE BATTERIES? 15.  Hike east along Riverside drive. On your left you will pass the Kentucky State Marker . Read this marker and find the name of the only battery from Kentucky that participated in the Battle of Shiloh. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE CAPTAIN WHO COMMANDED THIS KENTUCKY BATTERY? 16.  Hike down Riverside Drive past the Indian Mounds  to reach a plaque (near Dill Creek) giving information about the Union gunboats. Tyler and Lexington, which saw action here at Shiloh> WHAT WAS THEIR APPROXIMATE POSITION ON THE TENNESSEE RIVER WHEN THEY WENT INTO ACTION? 17A.  At the Tennessee River Overlook there is an Ohio Unit Monument for the 8th Light Artillery. WHO COMMANDED THIS BATTERY? 17B.  no question at this time 18.  In the National Cemetery overlooking the Tennessee River you will find an unusual plaque painted red and blue. It tells of a Confederate Battery that saw action here several months before the Battle of Shiloh. WHO COMMANDED THIS LOUISIANA BATTERY? 19.  As you leave the National Cemetery thru the Main Entrance look to your left and across the road you will see a line of different cannons. Look at all the guns here and read the plaques on the posts by each gun. WHICH OF THESE GUNS - WHICH KING HAS AN INSCRIPTION ON TOP OF THE BARREL STATING THAT THIS PARTICULAR GUN WAS CAPTURED?  Now proceed to the Visitor's Center and visit the Museum there. 20.  In the museum see the display about cannons, cannonballs, etc. The two buckets in this display were used by Civil War Artillerymen. WHAT WAS THE USE OF EACH OF THESE BUCKETS?  See the movie "SHILOH-PORTRAIT OF A BATTLE" while at the Visitor's Center. THE UNIT LEADER SHOULD TURN IN PART B OF THE YELLOW UNIT APPLICATION COMPLETELY FILLED IN, then sign the Visitors' Register for his entire group. Now the Visitor's Center in positions representing part of Grant's Last Line. Read all the plaques on the posts giving information about the different guns. 21.  Locate the Illinois Unit Monument for Battery H, 1st Light Artillery. WHAT ARE THE RANGES FOR THE GUNS LOCATED ON EACH SIDE OF THIS MONUMENT? 22.  Locate a 10 PDR. Parrott gun. WHAT INSCRIPTION IS SHOWN ON Its RIGHT TRUNNION? 23. Locate the two Wiard guns in this lineup. Read the plaques for each. WHAT WAS THE RANGE FOR EACH OF THESE DIFFERENT SIZE WIARDS? 24.  Locate the Napoleon gun in this line. WHEN WAS THIS GUN MADE? (See date found on face of muzzle). Proceed west looking at guns here. 25.  In Grant's Last Line locate the Illinois Unit Monument for the 2nd Reg't. Artillery, Unassigned, Battery B. Just west of this Unit Monument are other guns in Grant's Last Line. Note the earthwork. This is the only earthwork thrown up on the field at Shiloh. Behind this earthwork is a blue plaque for Schwartz's Battery. WHO WAS THE LT. IN CHARGE? 26.  Continue hiking to the Michigan State Monument  Read the information on this monument about Michigan Artillery at Shiloh (Ross' Battery B). WHAT WAS THE TOTAL NUMBER OF MEN LOST BY THIS BATTERY? 27.  Continue to the UDC Monument  Read the information on the plaques affixed to the back of the monument. HOW MANY BATTERIES OF ARTILLERY DID THE CONFEDERACY HAVE AT SHILOH? 28.  As you stand facing the UDC Monument note the two figures on the right; these two figures are featured in the design on the Trail Medal. The soldier in front holding a rifle in his hand represents the Infantry. The soldier behind him represents the Artillery. WHAT DOES THE ARTILLERY MAN HOLD IN HIS RIGHT HAND? 29.  Continue the Trail to the center of the Hornets' Nest.  Locate some cannons beside a yellow oval plaque. WHO COMMANDED THIS BATTERY? 30.  On the Arkansas Monument  you will find information about batteries from Arkansas. WHICH ARKANSAS BATTERY WAS ASSIGNED TO HARDEE'S CORPS? 31.  Continue across the road to the Minnesota Monument  The only unit from this state at Shiloh was Munch's Battery. AFTER CAPTAIN MUNCH WAS WOUNDED WHO TOOK COMMAND OF THE BATTERY? 32.  Continue to Ruggles' Batteries.  Read the plaque about this location.  HOW MANY ROUNDS COULD THE COMBINED GUNS OF RUGGLES' BATTERY FIRE? 33.  Many of the cannons now located in Ruggles' Batteries are rare Confederate made guns. Note the 2nd and 3rd guns south from Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road. Look at the manufacturing information on the trunnion of the barrel. The "TF" stands for "Tredegar Foundry" of Richmond, Va. WHEN WERE THESE GUNS MADE?  Continue the Trail along Ruggles' Batteries. NOTE QUESTIONS 34-38 IN ADVANCE 34.  Locate two different size Wiard guns side by side. WHEN WAS EACH MADE? 35.  The 6th gun south of Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road has an inscription on top of the barrel. WHAT TYPE GUN IS THIS ONE? 36.  Locate the Louisiana Washington's Battery plaque. WHAT TWO NEW ORLEANS FOUNDRIES MADE THE GUNS LOCATED ON EACH SIDE OF THIS PLAQUE? 37.  Locate the Tennessee Bankhead's Battery plaque. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE MEMPHIS FOUNDRY WHO MADE THE GUNS LOCATED ON EACH SIDE OF THIS PLAQUE? 38.  Locate the only Napoleon gun in this line. WHAT IS THE NUMBER ON THE GUNS CHASSEY? 39.  Continue the Trail to Corinth Landing Road, hike east to read the inscription on the north side of the Illinois Monumen  telling the number of units from Illinois present at Shiloh. HOW MANY BATTERIES FROM ILLINOIS WERE ENGAGED AT SHILOH? 40.  Hike east along Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road from the Illinois Monument. When you reach the road that leads to Gen. McClernand's Hdgs. Turn right (south) into the woods (not down the road). Find the Illinois Unit Monument for McAllister's Battery D, 1st Light Artillery. WHAT TYPE OF CANNON WITH THE LIFTING RING WON THE BARREL IS LOCATED HERE? (USE YOUR C.I.C.) 41.  Return to the road and continue the Trail to the Ohio Monument. Two guns are located beside a red plaque for Cobb's Kentucky Battery at the fork of the roads. CHECK THE BORES OF THESE GUNS, WHAT TYPE ARE THEY? (Use your C.I.C.) 42.  Continue Trail. On the northwest corner of Hamburg - Purdy Road and Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road (west of Raith Mortuary Monument ) you will find another gun. It is located beside a blue oval plaque for Mc Allister's Illinois Battery. WHAT TYPE IS IT? 43.  Across Hamburg - Purdy Road (southwest corner of the intersection) is an Indiana Unit Monument for Morton's 6th Battery. WHO WAS THE CAPTAIN IN COMMAND UNTIL HE WAS SHOT FROM HIS HORSE AND KILLED? 44.  Continue south along Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road a short distance until you reach the next gun (a single 6 PDR.) on your right (west side of the road). The Polk's Tennessee Battery only had one gun and they soon lost this in Woolf Field. WHO WAS THE CONFEDERATE BRIGADIER GEN. WOUNDED NEAR HERE IN COMMAND OF THIS BRIGADE? 45.  As the north edge of the Shiloh Church Cemetery you will see two guns beside a red oval plaque. This tells of the last Confederate action here. WHO COMMANDED THIS TENNESSEE BATTERY? 46A.  Continue on to Beauregard Road and observe the line of cannons which mark the positions where Confederate Artillery first went into action at the opening of the battle, April 6, 1862. On e of the batteries in this line was from Tennessee. WHO WAS IN COMMAND OF THIS BATTERY? 46B.  WHAT KIND OF GUNS ARE BESIDE THIS TENNESSEE BATTERY PLAQUE? Finish the Trail (See your map) by hiking south along Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road and back to reach your starting point and hopefully you have enjoyed hiking the Shiloh Artillery Hike.