The Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 3 is designed as another historical hike through the Shiloh National Military Park and will supplement the SMT #1 Historical Hike and SMT #2 Artillery Hike - both of which are recommended before making this SMT hike #3.


Read the booklet, "Shiloh National Military Park" by B.T Campbell. It may be ordered by mail from the Trail Committee.
Hike the entire specified SMT Hike #3 (approximately 14 miles long) on foot. All hikers must abide by the rules of hike safety, including those shown on Part B of the unit application. All hikers are reminded again to be courteous and be a credit to the high ideals of scouting at all times. Do not throw rocks, do not deface property, and do not throw paper and trash along the way.
View the Shiloh movie at the Visitor's Center. Unit leaders turn in Part B of your unit application here.
Write complete and correct answers on the attached credential card to all questions asked about historical markers and pint of interest along the way.


The route of this hike is shown on the map. This Hike #3 is approximately 14 miles long starting and ending on the south side of the Park (by Ed Shaw's Restaurant) near the intersection of Tennessee State Highway #22 and #142. It follows the general route of the SMT #1 Hike and directs the hiker to many points of interest not included in the SMT Hike #1. A pencil will be needed to write answers to questions asked. A canteen is recommended. A compass would prove helpful, but is not required. All Scouts should be in uniform.


A small colorful Hike #3 pin to attach to the blue and gray ribbon of the regular bronze trail medal is available to qualifying hikers. A SMT Hike #3 patch is also available. See SMT Unit Application for current prices. These awards may be ordered by unit leaders after hikers qualify by sending in the completed SMT Hike #3 credential cards, part C of the unit application, and remittances for the awards wanted.