The Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 4A is a Compass Hike.
This is a rugged country hike. Shiloh battlefield has much thick undergrowth present today--just as it did before the great battle occurred there. Snakes are also present during warm weather so be prepared for such. This trail is especially recommended during fall and winter seasons when undergrowth and leaves are not as thick, visibility better, and cross-country hiking much easier. However this Compass Trail can be hike any time during the year you care to tackle it.
A good compass including knowledge of how to use it is a must. A liquid-filled compass is highly recommended, as it will increase your speed in taking accurate bearings. ALL DEGREE READINGS GIVEN IN INSTRUCTIONS ARE MAGNETIC READINGS--THEREFORE NO CORRECTION IS REQUIRED FOR MAGNETIC READINGS--therefore no correction is required for Magnetic Declination. Set compass to the reading given as an accurately as possible for each azimuth. Distances given in instructions are approximately only. The length of each compass leg was scaled from a map (to the nearest 50 ft.) so Is "flat land" distance and no allowance was made for hills and ravines. You should know how to offset your course around obstacles. CONSULT YOUR MAP FREQUENTLY TO CHECK YOUR LOCATION AND ROUTE. If you should get lost either try to return to your last point or go to the nearest road and determine your location. If you should encounter high water anywhere along the trail consult your map and take a route on roads to get you around the water and to the next plaque or monument sought.
Start early--this trail takes time. Go by buddies or groups and not alone. Wear long pants and boots (or good leather shoes). In summer carry a snake bite kit. Take a canteen and pencil--both needed. Each group should be equipped with a first aid kit.
LEADERS--please see that there is NO SMOKING in the woods. We must practice fire prevention at all times. This hike is thru woods and fields, which are often very dry. Leaders must see that no one in their hiking group smokes along this trail.
Before making this hike, again read the Rules on Part B of the yellow unit application blanks concerning Scout conduct. Remember no rock throwing; do not mark on any monument or plaque; be a credit to Scouting.
DO NOT CUT OR BLAZE THE TRAIL - Leave the woods and trees as undisturbed as you found them. Do not discard paper or trash in the woods.
1.  Hike the entire compass trail as specified on foot following all instructions given.
2.  Write answers to the questions asked about the plaque and monuments visited and submit the completed credential card for this hike.
3.  Read the interesting four-page newspaper reprint (by Paul Vanderwood for the Memphis Press-Scimitar) describing the Battle of Shiloh. This reprint is available from the Shiloh Military Trail.
Upon successfully completing the requirements for the Shiloh Military Trail Compass Hike you are entitled to purchase, if you wish and attractive Compass Trail patch.. This patch is fully embroidered in four colors and is 3-1/2" diameter. Small pin also available.