Before taking the Shiloh Military Trail Hike # 5 along the route from Corinth to Shiloh, the hiker should have previously completed the four different specified hikes through the Park. This is not a requirement but a recommendation.


     The hiker on the Shiloh Military Trail Hike #5 will follow the general route of General A.S. Johnston's Confederate Army marching to the Battle of Shiloh. This Army left Corinth, Miss, on April 2, 1862 and marched for 3 days, much of it through the mud in wet rainy weather to reach the area in the vicinity of the present intersection of Tenn. State Highway #22 and #142 on Saturday evening, April, 1862. Here they bivouacked the night before the Battle of Shiloh opened in Fraley Field early Sunday morning, April 6. Johnston's army consisted of Gen. Braxton Bragg's 1st Corps, Gen. Leonidas Polk's 2nd Corps, Gen. Wm. J. Hardee's 3rd Corps and Gen. J.C. Breckinridge's Reserve Corps.


     The route of this hike is indicated on the map for Trail #5. The Shiloh Hike #5 begings at the Miss - Tenn. State Line, approximately 5 miles from the city limits of Corinth, Ms., on Ms. State Highway #2 (this becomes TN. #22 at the State line). The trail is approximately 20 miles in length and ends at the Park Visitors' Center where you are to check in with the Ranger on duty. YOU MUST HAVE A COMPASS TO MAKE THIS HIKE.


1.   The SMT Hike #5 hiker must complete the following requirements:
2.   Walk the entire 20 mile trail on foot observing all rules of hike safety, etc., en route.
3.   Write answers on the credentials card to all questions asked about the historical markers and monuments along the way.
4.   Read the book "Shiloh" by Shelby Foote and submit, in your own words, a 300-word report on this historical novel. There are seven chapters in this book. Your report should contain at least one paragraph about each chapter. This should preferably be don BEFORE making the Hike.
5.   Submit the completed Credential Card, book report and remittance for the award to the Shiloh Military Trail Committee.


1.   Do not give any appearance of "hitch - hiking" and do not accept any rides offered
2.   Be sure to walk single file on the shoulder of the road on your left facing traffic. See Boy Scout Handbook or read the Hiking Merit Badge Booklet for rules about safe hiking.
3.   The hike should be made in daylight hours. If any hiking is done before or after daylight, a flashlight must be carried and used.
4.   Be courteous and be a credit to the high ideals of Scouting. Do not deface property, do no throw rocks, and do not throw paper and trash along the way.
5.   A sacked lunch, canteen, compass and pencil are necessary - carry them. Refreshments may be purchased in stores along the hike route.