1.  Read historical marker 4C-15 located at the start of this trail. WHO COMMANDED THE 1st BRIGADE OF LEW WALLACE'S THIRD DIVISION THAT CAMPED IN THIS AREA?
2.  Another Tennessee Historical Commission marker is just a few feet east of marker 4C-15. This marker describes the Battle of Shiloh briefly. WHAT IS THE NUMBER SHOWN AT THE TOP OF THIS MARKER?
3.  Now hike west for 2.5 miles to see historical marker 4C-14 (north side of US 64). WHO COMMANDED THE 2nd BRIGADE OF LEW WALLACE'S DIVISION THAT CAMPED HERE? (THEN KNOWN AS STONEY LONESOME).
4.  Continue hiking west (for another 1.6 miles) to reach historical marker 4C-13 located on U.S. Highway 64 (south side of E. Main between Elm and Oak Sts. - about 4.1 miles from start of hike). WHO COMMANDED THE 3rd DIVISION THAT WAS CAMPED IN THIS AREA?
 Continue hiking west on Main St. for 0.1 mile and turn left (south) on to Oak St. After another 0.3 Mile you will reach Old Shiloh Road. Turn left and stay this road. The road makes a sharp left turn after another 1.6 miles so stay on the asphalt road (a gravel road continues straight ahead at the curve). After another 1.8 miles you will come to a fork in the asphalt road. Take the road to your right and after 0.2 mile you will pass Ledbetter Cemetery on your right. After another 1.0 mile you will come to another fork in the road. The asphalt road to your left goes to the highway. The gravel road straight ahead goes to Snake Creek-Owl Creek bottoms.  Bridges are now out over both Snake Creek and Owl Creek  This route stays on good roads and high ground. Caution must be exercised when hiking along the highway. Walk on your left, facing traffic, and stay on the shoulder well off the road.  
5.  Take the asphalt road to your left and stay on this road for about one mile to reach Tenn. Highway No. 22. Located at this intersection (on Northwest corner) is another historical marker labeled 4C-16. It tells about Lew Wallace's approach to Shiloh. WHAT COMPASS DIRCTION DOES THIS SIGN SAY LEW WALLACE WAS MOVING WHEN THEY MARCHED ALONG THIS ROAD?
6.  Now turn right (generally southwards) and hike along Tenn. Highway 22 (stay on shoulder off the road) for about 2.7 miles to reach the old Lew Wallace Road, a gravel road on your right opposite the turn off into the Park. Turn right 9north) and go a short distance (about 0.1 mile) down this old road to find a monument for U.S. Calvary units who fought at Shiloh. This monument is just a few feet off the road and will be on your left. TO WHAT AND WHOSE DIVISION WERE THESE TWO COMPANIES OF REGULAR U.S. CALVARY ASSIGNED?
7.  Now return to the highway and go right (southwest) for about one mile to reach Sowell Field (on your right). Here you will find a pavilion and also two plaques (about 0.1 mile apart) telling about two brigades of Lew Wallace's Division that advanced and were engaged here Monday morning, April 7, 1862. WHAT TWO STATES FURNISED UNITS TO SMITH'S BRIGADE?
8.  The other plaque tells about Thayer's Brigade. WHAT THREE STATES FURNISHED UNITS TO THIS BRIGADE?
9.  Now return to highway and cross the road - BE CAREFUL OF TRAFFIC - Locate two red oval plaques on the east side of the highway across from the access road into Sowell Field. One plaque tells about Polk's Corps units engaged here that Monday morning. WHAT STATES WERE THEY FROM?
10.  The other nearby plaque (red) tells about part of Bragg's Corps fighting here at that time also. FROM WHOSE BRIGADE WERE THESE TROOPS?
11.  Follow a path leading over McClernand Road and in Jones Field you will find a number of blue oval plaques a short distance to your left-- to the north near where the road is barricaded. The first plaque east of McClernand Road tells about a battery belonging to Lew Wallace's 3rd Division that saw action here. WHO COMMANDED THIS BATTERY?
12.  Proceed from plaque to plaque in this line and note the following information as you read each of the blue oval plaques telling about action of Federal units engaged here Monday morning, April 7.  For Willard's Battery - HOW MANY GUNS DID THEY HAVE IN ACTION HERE?
15.  For part of W.H.L. Wallace's 2nd Division - AT WHAT TIME DID THESE UNITS ADVANCE FROM THIS POSITION?
16.  For the 7th Illinois Brigade - WHO COMMANDED THIS BRIGADE?
18.  For Veatch's Brigade - WHERE DID THEY ADVANCE FROM HERE?
19.  For McAllister Illinois Battery (very near Cavalry Road) - HOW MANY GUNS DID THEY HAVE IN ACTION HERE?
20.  Now turn left onto Cavalry Road and follow the road across the creek and up the hill. You will soon find another plaque (blue-on your right) telling about McAllister's Battery being supported by six regiments of Illinois Infantry. TO WHAT DIVISON WERE THESE TROOPS ASIGNED?
21.  A short distance further down the road you will find an Illinois Unit Monument on your left -- for the Illinois 52nd Infantry. WHO WAS THE MAJOR IN COMMAND OF THIS UNIT? 
22.  Proceed on down Cavalry Road passing a small Confederate Burial Trench on the right to reach Lew Wallace Road. Turn right and hike to the Michigan State Monument. On Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road west of this Michigan Monument there is a rectangular yellow plaque telling about the 2nd Division of General Buell's Army of the Ohio. WHO WAS THE BRIGADIER GENERAL IN COMMAND OF THIS DIVISION?
23.  From here go westward (240 degrees) for about 200 feet to find a yellow oval plaque for Kirk's Brigade. WHAT THREE STATES WERE REPRESENTED BY UNITS FIGHTING IN THIS BRIGADE?
24.  Return now to the Michigan Monument.
Hike northeast along Corinth - Pittsburg Landing Road. As you approach Grant's Last Line you will see five different shaped Ohio unit monuments on the north side of grant Road. One is an unusual bullet shaped monument for the Ohio 68th Infantry. This unit was part of Lew Wallace's 3rd Division. Before the battle started this unit's strength was reduced due to illness. WHAT WAS THEIR ASSIGNMENT DURING THE BATTLE OF SHILOH?
25.  Another monument nearby is for the Ohio Cavalry. Read the inscription on the backside which tells about the duties of the three battalions of the Ohio 5th Cavalry. WHOM WAS THE MAJOR IN COMMAND OF THE 3rd BATTALION?
26.  In the area between the tall Iowa State Monument and the Visitors' Center is a monument for Indians Cavalry (2nd Regiment). WHO WAS THE LT. COL. IN COMMAND OF THIS UNIT?
27.  Nearby is a monument for Illinois Cavalry at Shiloh. Read all the inscriptions on all sides of this monument. ACCORDING TO THIS MONUMENT, WHERE (WHAT POSITION) DID GEN. GRANT FORM AND USE HIS CAVALRY AT SHILOH?
28.  Across the road from the Visitors' Center are two yellow plaques (rectangular) telling about the Army of the Ohio, 4th and 5th Divisions. WHO WERE THE TWO BRIGADIER GENERALS COMMANDING THESE TWO DIVISIONS?
29.  From these two yellow plaques you can see a blue rectangular plaque straight-ahead (192 degrees) for Stone's Battery. From the blue Stone's plaque go to your left (about 110 degrees) to a yellow rectangular plaque. This is an unusual plaque as few units from the Army of the Ohio (yellow plaques) arrived in time to participate in the first day action (rectangular plaques). WHO COMMANDED THE 10th BRIGADE FO THE 4th OF THE ARMY OF THE OHIO THAT WENT INTO ACTION HERE ABOUT 6 PM, APRIL 6, 1862?
30.  Now go to the Visitors' Center and locate several large square plaques on the south side of the building by the parking area. These tell about the various armies that fought at Shiloh. See the Yellow plaque for the Army of the Ohio. You have seen plaques for three divisions of this army but the Sixth Division did not arrive in time to do much fighting at Shiloh. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE BRIG. GENERAL WHO COMMANDED THIS SIXTH DIVISION?
Proceed to the Visitor's Center.
After completing all six Shiloh Military Trail Hikes, you are eligible to apply for the Shiloh Veteran.  Hiker Certificate provided you have previously completed all the requirements for all the SMT hikes.