Before taking the Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 6 along the route from Crump and Adamsville to Shiloh, the hiker should have previously completed five different specified hikes. These should include the four different hikes through the Park and SMT Hike No. 5 from Corinth to Shiloh. Also all required reading and book reports for previous five hikes must be completed to earn Hike No. 6 awards.


The hiker on the Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 6 will follow the general route of General Lew Wallace marching his Union Division of reinforcements to the Battle of Shiloh. This 3rd Division of the Army of the Tennessee consisted of three brigades. These brigades were encamped at Adamsville, Stoney Lonesome and Crump Landing--all about 6 miles north of the battlefield. These troops assembled and spent all day Sunday, April 6, 1862 marching to Shiloh, crossing Snake Creek and Owl Creek, and reaching the battlefield in the area now indicated by Lew Wallace Road. When you view the movie "SHILOH-PORTRAIT OF A BATTLE" in the Park Visitors' Center, be sure to pay special attention to the scenes showing Lew Wallace. Be sure to order a SVHA application (& questionnaire) when you order Maps for SMT Hike No. 6.


The route of the SMT Hike No. 6 is shown on the attached map. The Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 6 begins at two historical markers located on the southeast corner of the intersection of US Highway 64 and Tenn. State Highway 22 at Crump, Tennessee. From here, you hike west along US 64 for about 4 miles to Adamsville, Tenn. Then the trail takes back roads as much as possible generally following the route of Lew Wallace's troops en route to the Battle of Shiloh. Note carefully the map. Be very careful when hiking along roads and highways. The last portion of the trail is inside the Shiloh National Military Park and the trail ends at the Park's Visitor's Center. The entire SMT Hike No. 6 is approximately 16 miles long.


The SMT Nike No. 6 hiker must complete the following requirements:
Walk the entire 16 mile trail on foot observing all rules of hike safety, etc., en route,
Write answers on the attached (Credential Card) to all questions asked about the historical markers and monuments along the way.
Submit the completed No. 6 Credential Card, the completed SVHA questionnaire filled out correctly to prove you are well informed concerning the Battle of Shiloh, your application for the Shiloh Veteran Hiker Award, and proper remittance for awards wanted -- NO EXCEPTIONS!


A small SMT Hike No. 6 Pin to be attached to the ribbon of the Trail Medal is available. An attractive five-color fully embroidered patch many be ordered.


Walk all the way on for - no riding at any time. Do not give any appearance of "hitch-hiking" and do not accept any rides offered.
(2) Observe all rules of hike safety - see page 118 in you Scout Handbook or read the Hiking Merit Badge
Booklet. Be sure to walk single file, on the shoulder of the road on your left facing traffic.
The hike should be made in daylight hours. If any hiking is done before or after daylight a flashlight must be carried and used. A sacked lunch, canteen, compass and pencil are necessary - carry them. Refreshments may be purchased in stores along the hike route.