The Shiloh Environmental Trail has been developed to acquaint hikers with the natural world around them, how that world influences their lives, and how man’s actions affect the environment.

This trail supplements the popular historic hiking trails program, which has been in existence at Shiloh National Military Park since 1960 under the u\auspices of Shiloh Military Trail, Inc. The Environmental Trail is an interesting and educational hike, which may be made by anyone at all seasons of the year. It is especially recommended for Boy and Girl Scouts and other youth groups (school, church, YMCA, etc.), as well as for all who are interested in nature, the out-of doors, and the wise use of our resources and quality of our environment. NOTE – Due to the educational reading material associated with this hike, all hikers who wish to qualify for the special patch award must be at least 11 years old.

This hike through Shiloh National Military Park is approximately twelve miles long. It is a loop trail beginning and ending near the southwest cornier of the park (by Ed Shaw’s Restaurant). As an alternate, groups camping at Shiloh can begin and end this hike from the camping area (see Map). Allow 6 to 7 hours minimum to complete this hike. Each hiker should carry a pencil and canteen. It is recommended that each hiking group also carry a compass, snakebite kit, first aid kit, and possibly a tree identification book.

Do not disturb the features you see along the hiking route. Do your part to maintain the trail for the next person who follows it.

Each hiker should read carefully and completely the Shiloh Environmental Trail Hiker’s Guidebook before making the hike. Advance reading will greatly increase your understanding of what you will see.

The Shiloh Military Trail Committee sincerely appreciates and commends Mr. Herbert Olsen, Superintendent of Shiloh National Military Park, and Mr. Nicholas J. Eason, Park Ranger, for their outstanding work in preparing this very worthwhile educational hike. Ranger Eason is the author of Shiloh Environmental Trail Hikers Guidebook.

Each hiking group needs at least one Hiker's Guidebook. Each hiker should complete his own Credential Card as he hikes this educational trail. This is a requirement to qualify for the special patch award (if desired).

Hiking forms for this trail are on the web pages associated with this trail.

An attractive fully embroidered patch award is available for qualifying hikers only from the Shiloh Military Trail, Inc.

As Boy Scouts hike the Shiloh Environmental Trail they can also complete some of the requirements for the following merit badges:

Conservation of Natural Resources

Soil and Water Conservation

Wildlife Management




Bird Study


Citizenship in the Nation