About Shiloh Military Trails

Shiloh Military Park is the site of one of the largest and most strategic battles during the Civil War.  It is located 100 miles east of Memphis Tennessee on the banks of the Tennessee River about halfway between highways 64 and 57 off Hwy. 22.

The purpose of the Shiloh Military Trails Inc.  is to engender interest in the history and beauty of this National Military Park by providing multiple hiking venues in and near the park which are designed to educate and entertain while at the same time providing vigorous and healthy outdoor activity.

The Shiloh Military Trails were set up in June, 1960 by Ken Humphreys, a Boy Scout leader in Memphis and the Shiloh National Park Superintendent. There are eleven different hikes (9 trails and 2 treks) ranging in length from 2 to 20 miles. The trails are managed by a nonprofit corporation, Shiloh Military Trails, Inc. and are staffed by volunteers drawn mostly from scouting and hiking organizations.

You are requested to call, fax, or write and order (at no charge) a Unit Application at least three weeks before you plan a hike. You can also select UNIT APPLICATION and print one from the NET. Then you can choose a hike and order hike maps, instructions and credential cards for each hiker (at a small charge). After completing the hike you may send back each hiker's credential card (with all questions answered) and order them patches, hat pins and metals for that particular hike (at a small charge).

After someone has completed six different hikes and other requirements they qualify to be designated as a "Shiloh Veteran Hiker" and receive a special patch, pin and a 12 x 16 certificate. Call us at 901 351-0174, or write us at P O Box 17057 Memphis, TN 38187-0507. Or better yet select email us at shilohmilitarytrails@gmail.com . Happy Trails!