Required Reading

Eight Different Trails available for Shiloh Military Trail Hikers

1. Submit Page 2 before you hike the trail. (order needed Reading Material -- at least 3 weeks before hike date). Print Hiking instructions and Maps from the Web Pages.

2. Send in Page 3 To order various awards earned by qualifying hikers who have met all specified requirements to be entitled to such. (send completed credential cards for each hiker to qualify for the award).
Hike NO. Type Length & Locale Instructions (Form no) All maps and Instructions are available on the web Material to read (Not available on the web Cost - Order from Shiloh Military Trail
1 Historical 14 miles thru Battlefield Gray Map
(SMT form #1) .50
White Credential .25
Card (SMT form #2)
Shiloh booklet by Dillahunty $2.00
2 Artillery 14 miles thru Battlefield Buff Sheet
(SMT form#7)
Map .50
Card .25
Field Artillery
Reprint, June 1961 issue of Civil War Time magazine.
4-page reprint .50 each
3 Historical 14 miles thru Battlefield Blue Sheet
(SMT form #3) .50
Shiloh National Military Park by B.T. Campbell $2.50
Compass Cross-Country (2 trails only one open at any time) 10 miles thru
Regular - Odd Years
Pink Sheet
(SMT form #12)
Alternate - Even Years
Cherry Sheet
(SMT form #12a)
4-page newspaper reprint (Memphis Press Scimitar)
"Battle of Shiloh"
(SMT form #13)
.50 each
5 Confederate Advance
Book Report Required
20 miles from Mississippi to Pittsburg Landing Green Sheet .50
(SMT form #5)
Historical novel Shiloh by Shelby Foote (Written report required - see SMT #5) $5.00
Paperback edition from Shiloh Military Trail or available from many libraries.
Temporarily closed
Lee Wallace Approach
** Must hike first 5 hikes first **
16 miles from Crump & Adamsville to Shiloh Orange Sheet .50
(SMT form #6)
Complete questionnaire on Battle of Shiloh, 112 questions.
(SMT form #9)
From Shiloh Military Trails Inc. with #6 Hike Instructions. .50
7 Environmental
(or Nature Conservation)
12 miles thru Battlefield S.E.T Hikers Guidebook
(group must buy one card) .25
Shiloh Environmental Trail Hikers Guidebook $1.50
Repeat hikes See No.1 and Report Req'd See No.1 Civil War Times Illus. April 1963 Issue. Special Shiloh Reprint $1.50
ANY HIKE: 150th Anniversary Trail Neckerchief $16.00
12 x 16 Blue and Gray Certificate
SHILOH VETERAN (SMT form #10) $4.00 @ , plus
HIKER AWARD (S.V.H.A) one $ 4.00 mailing cost (for any number of certificates mailed together)
S.V.H.A Pin $1.75
S.V.H.A Patch $ 3.50
Must Complete six specified SMT hikes (# 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7). Must have submitted Book Report for #5 Hike. Must submit S.V.H.A Questionnaire after hike 7.
For Hikes 1 and 2 - one map for 5 to 10 hikers. For Hikes 3, 4, 5, & 7, - one map per hiker.
All SMT forms may be copied except S.V.H.A form #9.